Why CBD “Doesn’t Work” For Some People

The most obvious problem with some CBD products is that the consumer has no way to know details about the origin, history, and quality of the CBD in a product. Since there is no federal standard, and very sporadic regulatory interest, the product that “failed” may have never had a chance to succeed since the CBD in it (if there was CBD in it) was substandard.

The type of CBD used to make the product is also an important consideration that does not always appear on labeling. Top quality CO2 refined oil mixed with a super carrier oil such as MCT (Medium chain fatty acids – the good kind) are the best. If either the CBD or the carrier oil is substandard, then one cannot expect premium results.

Dosage is also an issue, not only in the quantity of CBD taken, but the regularity of the dosage. Obviously larger humans will require large doses, as will those who have long standing chronic conditions, as opposed to those who have less serious issues. Some suggest that it takes time for the cumulative effect of regular dosage to properly assist the endocannabinoid system to do its job effectively.


Finally, one needs to be aware of the probable benefits of CBD, so that the effectiveness of the CBD is measured against a known benefit. For example, CBD will not help you quit smoking, or correct your vision, so any CDB will “fail” if that is the test. Reduction of inflammation, calming anxiety, reducing stress, and pain relief are all much better metrics against which to assess the effectiveness of your CBD. 

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