What’s in the CBD product?

Great question, and surprisingly not one that is asked enough.

When we are talking about Utopia CBD, you know we have farm to shelf accountability, with testing all along the way, so that you know exactly what is in our products. You know that we only use CBD oil extracted by CO2 instead of volatile solvents, and that we don’t include anything but pure CBD. From what we see on the web, the vast majority of CBD product providers have little or no idea of the history of the CBD they are selling to you. Some even claim that it is an advantage to have components in their CBD of questionable physiological relevance.

We see a lot of broad vague claims about quality but verified test results not so much. Take a tour of the web in search of a CBD provider that gives you Farm to Shelf accountability with associated testing and a superior quality CO2 extracted CBD oil product. If you find one that makes this claim, look for the actual proof. This will give you additional confidence that Utopia CBD is truly a specialty brand that stands apart.

The general lack of transparent accountability in the industry is magnified by the fact that there is no comprehensive regulatory scheme in place. There is no agency or regulator that ensures that marketers of CBD products adhere to any particular standards. When we hear someone report a less than positive experience with CBD we wonder whether the product they used had legitimate CBD in it. At Utopia CBD we consider ourselves to be “Self-Regulated in an Unregulated Industry.”

At Utopia CBD you get essential information about what is in the products going into or onto your body. Superior products and peace of mind.