Philosophy – Get Healthy: Stay Healthy!!

Well you already know that Utopia CBD is committed to providing you unparalleled accountability from Farm to Shelf. We want our friends to be informed and assured so they can make the appropriate decisions about their bodies and what goes into them. Our commitment at Utopia goes much further than that though.

At Utopia CBD we keep up with the latest information about CBD, and look for the credibility of the information sources on CBD. If you spend some time on the internet, you can find opinions ranging from the bizarre and fantastic, to in depth studies done by accredited institutions. The National Institute for Health, for example, has published a paper called “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies.” In that study the NIH cites some 74 other pertinent studies. While the NIH study has some very promising conclusions, at Utopia CBD we continue to look for serious research.

Anecdotal reports or reports from people who have used CBD outside of any scientific study are plentiful and almost universally favorable. In this regard, we would very much like to hear your personal experience with our superior CBD product. We would especially like to hear of any increased cognitive effects, better sleep cycles, stronger and faster recovery from exercise, rejuvenation of activity, decreased or eliminated joint pain, alleviation of inflammation, or general improvement of mood and optimism. There are tons of reports of the benefits of CBD and we would love to hear yours. If we decide to use your experience on our website, there will be some free Utopia CBD coming your way!

We live in a society in which general health, including a rigorous immune system and the ability to recovery quickly from challenges, is becoming more and more important. At Utopia CBD we want to be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, that also encompasses a good diet, reasonable exercise, restorative sleep, and a spiritual connection. CBD’s purpose is to bring us into a healthy balance through our ECS, and our goal is to be a reliable and trustworthy part of that effort.