CO2 Process

CO2 extraction is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable method to produce pure CBD products. We use a CO2 extraction that has long been used in the food industry. The advanced, environmentally friendly CO2 process is much more expensive than other more common extraction methods. Other extraction methods use using volatile solvents, so they’re cheaper. but the benefits far outweigh the additional costs.

Highest Quality Inputs
Hemp used by Utopia CBD comes from soil with a known history tested for suitability, and the hemp itself is tested in the field, again after harvest and before it enters the manufacturing process.

State of the Art Equipment
The equipment used in one of the final stages is displayed to the right. Lab Society in partnership with InCon Process Systems (IPS) makes the most comprehensive continuous short path thin film distillation plant on the market. The CO2 Pprocess is described below in some detail.

Superior Extraction Method
CO2 extraction employs no solvents at all avoiding the consequences of caustic and volatile solvents like ethanol and hydrocarbons used by the majority of extractors.

Adhering to Standards

To date, CBD oil remains largely unregulated. While some CBD producers wrongly claim “FDA compliance”, the FDA has not yet published regulations concerning cGMPs for the process of extracting and refining CBD oil.  Utopia CBD has established the type of production environment, cleanliness, standard operating procedures, and equipment to generate consistently high quality CBD oil.  When a manufacturer or consumer uses Utopia CBD oil, they know that batch of oil can be traced from the ground that grew the hemp, through each stage of the production process, with test results to show quality control in multiple phases of production.  In addition to ensuring the highest quality CBD oil, these production steps follow likely future FDA requirements for CBD production, positioning Utopia CBD for long-term success.

Because CO2 extraction can be cost prohibitive, only a small percentage of the CBD oil on the market is developed using this process. The equipment is expensive and the process is time consuming when  compared to highly caustic extraction methods. Utopia CBD has established the infrastructure, processes and attention to detail that has created an exclusive product for the CBD market. We are proud of the results.

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